Tuesday, February 4, 2014


We like Todos Santos too, but prefer the long stretches on pristine beaches just a few miles south at Pescadero. Sometimes we just really need a change of scenery - so we left the Sea and drove to the ocean.
What's not to love?
Yeah baby, this beach is the BEST!
Darrell and Spark

Rancho Pescadero introduces a bit of civilization to the solitude of the coastline. Set in the midst of organic produce and flower farms, the Inn's Mexican architecture, stylish color, eye to detail, and fresh culinary delights are muy bueno. For me, Todos Santos is a good stop to shop, but this spot is my cup of tea for a peaceful day. I know everyone loves Hotel California, so I encourage you to stay there and leave this quietness for me and D. Only Spark has to stay elsewhere. BUMMER.

 The pool is a good alternative to the cool 
Pacific Ocean with its nasty undertow.
Oh, those paintings!
Oh, that blue chandelier

Rancho Pescadero room rates seem reasonable to me, but there are lots of ways to hang out on the Pacific beach.  We found a really cozy spot called Dr. Robert's Ocean Oasis. It appears to be surfer oriented, and more like "glamping", which of course is right up my alley. We also saw numerous trailers parked on prime lots, and several homes have been built....and several are for sale. Probably for a variety of reasons, but reality does not always match the dream.

Don Pedrito's Surf Hotel gets my #1 vote.
Dr. Robert's
More casual, and probably more permanent, with the same view.

Our reality was that it was late afternoon and we had to get back on the road to be safely in La Paz before nightfall. The new highway connecting Todos Santos /Pescadero and Cabo to La Paz is excellent, but stories of herds of goats crossing the road motivated us to move along. Leaving the beach, we stopped at a newly opened organic restaurant called Restaurante Hortaliza, Hierbabueno. Since we had already eaten in Todos Santos, I only ordered a lemonade, but I am coming back for a big salad, grilled veggies, and maybe a pizza in their stone oven. I am sure D will go for the arrachera steak.
Artichokes, Herbs, Fruits, and Flowers
 Simple Elegance
 Simply Delicious
Simply beautiful.
Simple Perfection.

Back on the road again...and ready to be back on El Tiburon.
The new highway and the old.

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  1. Love the beautiful photos. Glad you had a holiday, but sorry about Sparky!