Monday, November 2, 2015


Our last anchorage aboard El Tib.
La Playa, San Diego
Our last weekend aboard El Tiburon was filled with sun and warm water and good friends and lots of fun and some sadness. The weekend was Bittersweet. We anchored out with our friends, Chris and Manuela, from Manuela, a Hylas 56. We are looking forward to sharing more anchorages together in our new Grand Banks Trawler. 

 The weekend included plenty of relaxing.
 We visited some Italian bathing beauties aboard Manuela.
 Enjoyed the local scenery.
Spark had a final swim from shore.
And one last cruise around Shelter Island.

If you see EL TIBURON in Mexico say "Hello" to her new owners, Rob and Jane.
And please give El Tib a pat from us.
She is a strong ship and served us well for 8 years!

And if you see a GB 42 named Scrimshaw, say "HI" to us.
 Clipper Cove, Treasure Island
Our 17th boat.
A fine example of Darrell's handiwork.

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