Sunday, October 9, 2016

ON OUR WAY, again.

Scrimshaw departs San Francisco Bay
Scrimshaw slipped out of The Gate with an early ebb tide yesterday morning. Darrell and Pat guided her safely around Point Sur to Morro Bay, where she will be for a couple of weeks. As winter approaches in the Sierra, we will make our way south, slowly, to Marina Coral. We have missed Ensenada's Vibe; the people, the food, the many happy celebrations of life, the peso to the dollar, and the warmer climate. We have also missed Marina Coral with its magnificent views, swimming pools, friendly staff, and its most excellent restaurant. Baja Naval is also on the docket of places to visit when the time comes. Next fall, we are on going with the CUBAR (aka FUBAR), sponsored by the San Diego Yacht Club, to La Paz, Baja. We REALLY REALLY REALLY miss La Paz, Costa Baja, and the islands in the Sea of Cortez. 
We're anxious to see old cruising buddies, who we hope don't mind hanging out with stinkpotters!

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